IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems
6-9 November 2016 – J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India



November 8, 2016

Workshop for Academia: Transform your thinking – Think Design: 14:00-15:30

Resource Persons: Nitin Kant, Senior Development Manager & Kajal Arukumar, Offering Program Manager – Transformational Change & Innovation, Innovation & Advanced Technology, Intuit

Intuit is a well­known and widely documented example of a company, which successfully incorporated design thinking in its transition to a more customer ­centric corporate culture. Design thinking’s impact is perceptible throughout the organization. Design for Delight (D4D) is  comprised of a set of methods and techniques that Intuit uses to get to delight and innovation. They’re not tied to a project plan or any   other process, which means you can use them at any time, depending on what you need to accomplish.


Nitin is a Senior Development Manager at Intuit. He is leading Quickbooks Enterprise team. He has built a great credibility towards delivering solid outcomes for Intuit Finance team through great partnership with stakeholders. He is passionate about solving problems by leveraging his deep customer empathy. As an Innovation catalyst, he has helped teams to cultivate the mindset of “Innovation at Core”. This enabled Intuit functional teams to improve their processes and better serve the employees. He has done Post Graduation in Information technology and B.E (Electronics and Telecommunication). He has a great penchant for adventure sports and music.


kajal_arukumar-picKajal is currently, leading all of the Innovation and Unstructured Time programs at Intuit. Enabling and facilitating innovation and transformational change across Intuit on key initiatives and strategies that are services and technology driven. Helping develop innovation framework to drive experiential learning of key initiatives and strategies such as Strategic Capabilities and Network Effects Platform, NEXT program. In the past have helped develop framework and scalability on programs like Assessing for Awesome (hiring and talent processes), Style of Influence™(SOI), Customer Benefit (Customer Driven Innovation) and organization level events like Intuit Leadership Conference, CTOF and TechForum

Workshop for Industry: Double U LeAP: 14:00-15:30

Resource Person: Yeshasvini Ramaswamy, Managing Director, e2e People Practices Pvt. Ltd

Despite years of advances in both legal and corporate policy, many qualified women don’t get the jobs they want. Misperceptions, stereotypes and misplaced emotions on the part of either sex can still sabotage a woman’s career hopes—unless she takes a more strategic approach to her career.
The Double U LeAP session shows you how to strategically use your strengths and abilities—your competitive edge—while mastering your emotions in even the most unwelcoming atmosphere. You’ll learn how to build a network of support, take smart risks and view competition in a more positive light. Discover how to conduct yourself in a manner that earns you respect, and pursue your goals with positive energy. Based on seven years of research on women as leaders and grounded in participants’ own professional context, this program is a unique opportunity to build leadership capabilities and expand one’s performance range. Through experiential learning, participants will gain powerful new techniques and practice them in real time. In turn, these techniques will help participants to dig deeper and understand themselves more fully, enabling them flourish at work and in life.
Specifically, successful participants will at the end of the session be able to:

  • Identify their core strengths and learn how to use them as leaders
  • Deepen their self-awareness to get the best out of every situation
  • Become more attuned to their energy levels and learn to recover
  • Analyze their professional relationships to support their personal vision
  • Tap into their fears to explore and overcome their personal limits

yeshasvini_ramaswamy-picYeshasvini has a vast work experience spanning UK, US, Australia, Dubai and China with global Fortune 100 companies. She Co-created India’s first student committed PG entrepreneurship program with guaranteed start-up funding and accelerated incubation efforts that saw 46 start-ups with a combined turnover of >$ 22mn USD and creation of >2000 jobs. She is nominated by the US State Dept. to represent India among emerging 25 women leaders in the Most Powerful Women Program. She is contributes through roles in NASSCOM and CII & Serves as Global Advisor to I-create, a not for profit that helps the disadvantaged view entrepreneurship as a career option. I-create has accelerated rural entrepreneurship and supported 16,000 entrepreneurs.    She also serves on the Board of Samatvam Trust that helps disadvantaged underprivileged children in diabetes care.

Panel Discussion: “Growing the Tech Career Ladder”: 16:00-17:00


  • Vidya Laxman– CIO, TESCO
  • Rashmi Mohan – Technologist, an engineer and a budding entrepreneur
  • Parul Jain – Architect, Intuit

Moderator: Yeshasvini

The session will have the panelists share opportunities in tech roles in the industry, how to prepare for these tech roles, the challenges for growing your career in the tech space and how to overcome these challenges.
The session will further focus on the current gender diversity situation among technology companies in India and will address the issue of attraction, retention and advancement of women in the technical ladder. Questions for discussion will be

  • What are the barriers to the retention and advancement of women in technology?
  • How can companies secure their investments by retaining female technical talent across all levels in the company (entry to leadership positions)?

vidya_laxman-picVidya Laxman is Technology Director at Tesco Bengaluru. She is member of the Technology Management Group, in the core CSR committee and board of Tesco Bengaluru. She is currently heading the Global Data Warehouse and Analytics along with delivery of the customer journey across all channels. In her 18+ years of international career, she has worked in technology and market facing roles with both startups and global players.  Her geographical diverse and rich experiences encompass incubating and growing global technology businesses and driving organizational change.
Prior to Tesco Bengaluru, Vidya spent nearly 3 years as Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Thoughtworks Studios division, where she managed the global operations that included development, finance, human resources, public policy, and communications. She also supported marketing, and sales efforts in the local market. Earlier, she worked in companies like Sunguard, Wachovia Bank and Fidelity.
Vidya holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering from RVCE, Bangalore. She is very active in different bodies like National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), American Chambers of Commerce, etc. She is on the advisory board of Anita Borg Institute (GraceHopper) – Women in technology. She is passionate about social causes and is actively engaged in her local community. Her other interests include long distance running and the highlight is completing OXFAM 100km and coming 3rd in the mixed group.


rashmi_mohan-picRashmi Mohan is a technologist, an engineer and a budding entrepreneur. Until recently, she was a Sr. Engineering Manager at Yahoo Labs in Bangalore. She has spent 15+ years in various technical and management roles in the industry. She has a background in Front end engineering and led a group of scientists and engineers within Yahoo Labs. Her work involved working with researchers and applied scientists in building prototypes and proof of concepts of the most cutting edge ideas being developed in the Labs. She lives the journey of taking these ideas from researchto product every day. Rashmi is particularly interested in the cause of promoting and encouraging women in technology to aspire and reach greater heights in their careers. She is the ACM India council secretary and is actively involved in the CS community. Rashmi has been associated with the Grace Hopper Conference in Bangalore for five years as a mentor, advisory committee member and founding member of the all women Hackathon. She has been leading the conference as a Program Chair for the past 2 years. Rashmi is also a mentor at the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator. She has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Santa Clara University.


parul_jain-picParul is a seasoned Architect with over 16 years of experience in software industry. Parul has a passion to solve business problems that are mission critical and have a wide impact to society using technology. She has been working in the Identity and Security domain for over a year now at Intuit, specializing in the Identity for Connected World. Prior to Intuit, Parul tried an entrepreneurial stint for about six months, an exciting journey for sure while building a platform for career prediction based on linked in and anonymous messaging for professionals on android. She holds great experience in advertising domain from her Yahoo days, where she lead multi-function teams with design and architecture of highly distributed, scalable and performant systems in the space of Search as well as Display Advertising and Cloud Platform. She hold a Master’s degree in Comp. Sc. and Engg. from IIT Delhi. She is married to Rohit who is a co-founder at Pravega Ventures. Has two boys, Mrinal (11 yrs) and Pranjal (6 yrs), very demanding 😉 She is a fun loving person, like to travel to new places, is fond of trekking and outdoor activities, dwell into adventures whenever there is an opportunity. When she is not at work she helps her kids learn the art of problem solving using Scratch, Arduino, robotics etc. She banks on her experience to coach girls to pursue technology.